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To deliver innovative concepts utilizing the latest technologies in agronomy, biology, and chemistry, to enhance soil and plant health.



Our goal at Concept Ag Soil & Plant Nutrition is to bring new and innovative soil and plant health options to your farm. We are a leading source of innovative fertility concepts in agriculture.



Higher quality products are more efficiently utilized by the plant. Concept Ag further increases its quality and efficiency through utilizing new and unique technologies that allow for increased nutrient absorption, decreased leaching, and decreased salt content.



Concept Ag Soil & Plant Nutrition brings a new and innovative philosophy to commercial agriculture. Our concept is to bring products that increase soil and plant health, which in turn increases our customers’ bottom line.

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We’ve seen a great peanut grade increase where we’ve used CalBor and that equals a premium. The money in our pocket was significantly greater because of the grade increases

Eric Lyerly
Lake City, Arkansas

Concept Ag has provided me with comprehensive fertility approaches that started in the fall and continued through the growing season. Easy to use products at rates that make sense made the Concept Ag program a big plus this season. The right fertilizer at the right time has given me a much healthier crop.

Nelson Crow - Nelson Crow Farms LLC
Dewitt, Arkansas

Working with Concept Ag’s team and using their products has allowed me to take my vegetable production to heights I didn’t know were possible. The agronomic advice and effectiveness of the products have showed me just how far we can drive a plant in both yield and quality.

Brandon Dortch - Brandon Dortch Farms
Peridido, Alabama


Welcome to Concept Agri-Tek

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Concept Ag. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products and customer service in the industry. If for whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied with any aspect of Concept Ag I personally want to know about it. Please feel free to call or email our offices and ask for me directly.

-President and CEO, Trey Curtis