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The sulfur source with Nitro-Tek technology

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The new Concept-S17 now has Concept Agri-Tek’s proprietary carbon-based nitrogen stabilizer, NitroTek®, added. Concept-S17 is specifically engineered to give the plants an excellent supply of sulfur, while increasing the efficiency of nitrogen uptake. Use with UAN, sidedress, or broadcast.

  • No other nitrogen stabilizers needed
  • Develops enzymes and vitamins
  • Good source of high-quality sulfur


Can be used in all liquid nitrogen applications:
Rate per acre: 1-5 gallons

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Available potassium with stress mitigation technology

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Concept K-13 now gives you the ability to blend potassium with UAN, helping to balance the N to K ratio, which is important to the efficiency of both nutrients. Use in soil applications only.

  • TransMaxx technology gets more P and K into the plant at lower usage rates
  • Allows for foliar correction to the plant when phosphorus is being tied up in the soil
  • Gives phosphorus boost at critical growing stages


Planter Application: 2×2 or similar – 1-10 gal. per acre
Sidedress or Y-Drop Application: 2-20 gal. per acre
Fertigation: 2-20 gal. per acre

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Introduce soluble calcium when and where you need it

Total Cal is a soil applied calcium that can help make your nitrogen program more efficient.

  • Plays a key role in balancing the calcium to nitrogen ratio within your soil
  • Aids in balancing your nitrogen regimen
  • A soluble form of calcium that can be readily taken up by the plant


Planter Application: 2×2 or similar – 1-2 gal. per acre
Sidedress or Y-Drop Application: 1-4 gal. per acre
Fertigation: 1-4 gal. per acre

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Reduce residue, release nutrition, remove pests.

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Residue RX® is a consortium of bacteria and fungi that turn crop residue into organic matter. Along with breaking down crop residue, it also kickstarts the weathering processes for tied-up phosphorus in the soil.

  • Breaks down field stubble for higher organic matter for the next growing season
  • Makes nitrogen and phosphorus more available to the plants
  • Breaks down the residue in which diseases over winter • Releases nutrients that are bound within crop residue
  • Blend of microbes and food source for faster breakdown


Broadcast Application: 2 oz. per acre

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Bring new life to unproductive soil

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Soil Revive helps bring abused soils back to life. A natural biological substance that stimulates microbial activity. This allows for increased nutrient availability, water-holding capacity, and decreased hardpan.

  • Excellent for fields that have been graded or terraced
  • Jumpstarts “new” ground where fertility levels are poor or unknown


Broadcast Application: 16-32 fl. oz. per acre

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Time to mitigate salt issues!

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Salt-X is a salt mitigation solution revolutionizing the battle against salt intrusion designed to mitigate salt concentrations in a variety of agricultural environments.

  • Temporarily alters the properties of salt to allow it to percolate through the soil profile and exit the root zone
  • Helps rebuild soils that have had tons of commercial fertilizer applied. 
  • Reducing the salt pressure in the root zone along with increasing water and nutrient uptake for your crops


Broadcast Application: 1-4 gal. per acre

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