Residue Rx DF

Residue RX® DF is a consortium of bacteria and fungi that turn crop residue into organic mater. Along with breaking down crop residue, it also kickstarts the weathering processes for tied-up phosphorus in the soil.

  • Breaks down field stubble for higher organic mater for the next growing season
  • Makes nitrogen and phosphorus more available to the plants
  • Excellent energy source for microbes
  • Keeps the microbe popula on active and viable


Broadcast Application: 16 oz. per acre

Soil Revive

Soil Revive helps bring abused soils back to life. A natural biological substance that stimulates microbial activity. This allows for increased nutrient availability, water-holding capacity, and decreased hardpan.

  • Excellent for fields that have been graded or terraced
  • Jumpstarts “new” ground where fertility levels are poor or unknown


Broadcast Application: 16-32 oz. per acre

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