Our Technologies 

Our Approach.

Understanding your soil is key to a successful crop yield. We combine the leading technology in agronomy, biology and chemistry to find the perfect solution for your soil. We bring the secret ingredients for your crop’s success.

Our Mission.

To deliver innovative concepts utilizing the latest technologies in agronomy, biology, and chemistry, to enhance soil and plant health.

Our Goal.

Our goal at Concept Agri-Tek is to bring new and innovative soil and plant health options to your farm.

Overview of Technologies

Bio-Tek is a biological technology that delivers a large consortium of live biology in a suspended state that become active within minutes of initial soil contact.

The Root-Tek technology enhances early root development by boosting the plant’s hormones responsible for new below ground development.

Pene-Tek is a soil penetration technology that reduces soil compaction, improves soil structure, increases water infiltration, and increases biological activity.

TransMaxx™ is a translocation technology for foliar feeding that allows for the systemic uptake of nutrients that have historically been difficult or even impossible to introduce into plants.

The Stress-Tek technology reduces stress a crop is exposed to by boosting the plant’s health and immune systems

Nitro-Tek is an advanced nitrogen stabilization technology that increases nitrogen uptake while decreasing leaching and volatization. This product is natural and safe to soil biology and the handler.




We are experts in making precise, customized fertilizer recommendations for each grower, based on the constitution of your soil. This is why getting your soil tested is so important, and the first step you need to take to design the perfect solution for your soil.





“We have used Concept Ag products for the past two years and have had great success with Buncha Bugs, Biovate, Sweet Success and Total - Phos. We are very pleased with the amount of root mass we are seeing. Better roots make healthier plants for higher yields and better standability.”

George Quinn and Zach McClellan

Chillicothe, Missouri

“Night and day difference where I used Concept Ag products. Corn was healthier and showed better tolerance to tough weather conditions.”
Sam King
Sikeston, Missouri
“Concept Ag has provided me with comprehensive fertility approaches that started in the fall and continued through the growing season. Easy to use products at rates that make sense made the Concept Ag program a big plus this season. The right fertilizer at the right time has given me a much healthier crop.”
Nelson Crow (Nelson Crow Farms LLC)
Winchester, Arkansas

“With TransMaxx, you can put fertilizer on when you know you have a flowering crop and you know you have an opportunity for ROI.”


Jonathan Siemers

Cape Girardeau, Missouri

“We’ve seen a great peanut grade increase where we’ve used CalBor and that equals a premium. The money in our pocket was significantly greater because of the grade increases.”


Eric Lyerly

Lake City, Arkansas